My journey towards Real Estate began in my 20’s while I was in the restaurant industry. For over 15 years, I traveled along both coasts visiting various renown restaurants. I met many impactful people, all providing excellent service while fulfilling their dreams. I realized early on that we are all seeking to better ourselves, beautify our homes, prosper and make our dreams reality. And I took to heart the importance of providing the highest in customer care. When I returned home to Alta Loma, California to pursue a career in Real Estate (a field that had always intrigued me) I was excited to learn everything I could. I trained among top nationally ranked real estate professionals and gained a wealth of information regarding buying and selling property, online marketing, relocation, finance, title, closing and moving services. When you work with me, you will receive a thorough overview that will help you make a sound decision. In today’s housing market, you will greatly benefit from the guidance of an experience REALTOR®. You deserve every advantage that my Team and I offer. Our goal is to help you today and years down the road with all of your real estate needs. Please contact me today with any questions at 909-518-3234.

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